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Dar Al Madinah Museum: A Celebration of Faith and History

Embark on a Spiritual Journey! Discover the Rich Tapestry of Islamic History at the Dar Al Madinah Museum!

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stablished 1955

Royal Revelations: Pictorial Messages of the Prophet (PBUH) to Kings & Princes
Delve into a captivating visual journey showcasing the profound correspondences of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the monarchs of his time. This exhibit offers a rare glimpse into the diplomatic relations and spiritual outreach of Islam, beautifully captured through art and historical documents.
Era of Elegance: The Majestic Expansion by Sultan ‘Abd al-Majid in 1850 CE
Step back in time and witness the grandeur of Sultan ‘Abd al-Majid's vision for architectural magnificence. This exhibit chronicles the meticulous expansion and enhancements of the masjid during his reign, preserving the sanctity of its core while introducing elements of opulence and artistry.
Blessed Abodes: The Prophet’s (PBUH) Arrival to Bani Malik bin Al-Najjar & The Hospitality of Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari
Embark on a heartfelt journey tracing the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) arrival in Madinah and the warm embrace of the Ansar. This exhibit illuminates the profound moments of brotherhood, faith, and hospitality, particularly the unparalleled generosity of Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, who had the honor of hosting the Prophet (PBUH) in his home.

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Discover, Connect, and Be Inspired: Explore the Dar Al Madinah Museum Today!

  • Embark on a journey through time and explore the rich tapestry of Islamic history at the Dar Al Madinah Museum! Discover the profound legacy of Madinah, immerse yourself in the luminous path of Islam, and connect with the roots of our faith. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insight, inspiration, and a renewed sense of connection to our shared heritage. Visit the Dar Al Madinah Museum today and experience the stories, the art, and the spirit that have shaped our beautiful faith
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Discovering Dar Al Madinah Museum: A Treasure Trove of History

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