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Journey to the Past
09 Jan

Assalamu Alaikum to all seekers of knowledge and history. The Dar al Madinah Museum proudly presents a dedicated exhibit that takes you on a profound journey to the heart of Medina, over 1300 years ago, centered around the revered Roza-e-Rasool.

  • Historical Medina Unveiled: Experience the ambiance of Medina during the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Witness the city’s transformation and the establishment of Al-Masjid an-Nabawi.
  • Architectural Marvels: Marvel at the intricate models showcasing the original structure of Roza-e-Rasool. The simplicity of its design, with mud walls and palm leaf roofs, speaks volumes about the humility and devotion of the early Muslim community.
  • Life in Early Medina: Dive deep into the daily life of Medina’s inhabitants. Authentic artifacts, from that era, offer a rare glimpse into the routines, challenges, and triumphs of the Prophet’s companions and followers.
  • Interactive Chronicles: Engage with immersive multimedia displays that vividly recount the significant events, teachings, and interactions that took place within the precincts of Roza-e-Rasool.
  • Artistic Tributes: Admire the timeless artistry that captures the essence of Roza-e-Rasool. From intricate calligraphy to evocative paintings, witness how generations have paid homage to this sacred site.
  • Deep Dive Sessions: Enhance your experience with our curated lectures and workshops, offering deeper insights into the significance of Roza-e-Rasool and its pivotal role in Islamic history.

Embark on this spiritual and historical odyssey with us at the Dar al Madinah Museum. The Roza-e-Rasool exhibit promises not just knowledge but a heartfelt connection to a time and place that remains etched in the annals of Islamic heritage.

Experience the Radiance of Roza-e-Rasool

Dive deep into a journey of love, joy, and profound reverence. Don't miss the chance to connect with a pivotal chapter of Islamic history. Book your visit to the Roza-e-Rasool exhibit at the Dar al Madinah Museum today and be part of a timeless legacy.
from Riyadh
Visiting the Roza-e-Rasool exhibit was a deeply moving experience. I felt an overwhelming sense of connection to our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). Truly a spiritual journey I'll cherish forever.
from Istanbul
The attention to detail in the exhibit is astounding. It's evident that a lot of love and care went into curating every piece. I left with a renewed sense of appreciation for our rich Islamic heritage.
Fatima and Ali
from London
We've visited many Islamic exhibits around the world, but the Roza-e-Rasool exhibit stands out. The interactive displays were both educational and engaging, making it a memorable experience for our entire family.

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